PHP JSON removed in PHP 5.5

Amazing: Bear in mind this is only going to affect certain Linux distros, and can easily be remedied via PECL obviously… But still…

The Volvo of calling functions: A lesson in defensive coding.

if (is_object($x) && is_object($y)){
    if (method_exists($x, "isValid") && method_exists($y, "isValid")) {
        if ($x->isValid() && $y->isValid()){
            doSomething($x, $y);

Time to update all the unit tests

I remember a time when you wrote code for the sake of making a thing that did something
Now we just make code to check if something else does something
Sometimes that thing that’s supposed to do something doesn’t even exist at all
So we “mock” it
I tell you
It’s a mockery of the entire profession

drops the mic

Jamming again


The magic of “learning”

For those anyone who doesn’t believe that the “pointy-haired boss” archetype is real:

Unfortunately, in some places the tech industry still seems to be filled with these “soft skill” employees. While I’m certainly not saying everyone in the industry needs to be a full-on pocket-protector wearing uber-geek, I’d like to think that if you’re employed in the tech industry that you require at least some kind of tangible technical skills. These charts clearly show no thought and carry with them absolutely no useable information or content. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, I’ve had plenty of excellent bosses over the years. Maybe I’m just not used to this sort of thingh. This is the kind of non-content that gives Systems Guys and managers a bad name.

What a scam.

Your chart is bad and you should feel bad.

Feel free to tell me what these hieroglyphics are supposed to mean Systems Guys.

Just got a Nexus 7 32gb

It’s glorious.


Wow there is a Visual Batari IDE

I‘ve been terrible with updating this, and have a ton I should be adding, particularly regarding some interesting javascript work I’ve done lately, but that is for another time. All I really wanted to say is check out this Visual Atari Basic IDE I am extremely impressed. Perhaps if I can really sell it I can get some folks to use this at the next Tojam instead of Flash or Gamemaker…

He who has tired of Al has tired of life.

Startup Claims 80% Of Its Facebook Ad Clicks Are Coming From Bots – TechCrunch

This is quite the claim, Facebook is supposedly padding the number of clicks their ads actually generate, and billing for it! Meanwhile, their stock is still doing some crazy things. Facebook really needs to mature itself quickly, this sort of stuff really doesn’t reflect the maturity one would expect of a company with their insane valuation.

My god… it’s beautiful!

This may be the craziest thing I’ve seen on the web in awhile… brilliant stuff