He who has tired of Al has tired of life.

Startup Claims 80% Of Its Facebook Ad Clicks Are Coming From Bots – TechCrunch

This is quite the claim, Facebook is supposedly padding the number of clicks their ads actually generate, and billing for it! Meanwhile, their stock is still doing some crazy things. Facebook really needs to mature itself quickly, this sort of stuff really doesn’t reflect the maturity one would expect of a company with their insane valuation.

My god… it’s beautiful!

This may be the craziest thing I’ve seen on the web in awhile… brilliant stuff


Its the fucking nerd!


Well I’ve never really been a Convention Guy and it took almost two and a half hours to meet him at ConBravo, but look at that, there he is! Holy crap, that man is all class, thanks for making the trip James!

wow google, just wow

holy crap google I can’t believe they got though that without a scrape…impressive.

Implementing 2D platformers

wish I’d seen this before tojam…. (more on that to come)

More on the megaupload trial

interesting stuff, can’t believe how they’re just running Kim out on a rail like this….