Just got a Nexus 7 32gb

It’s glorious.



What’s happening between Google and Oracle?

Slides 2-8 appear to be Oracle’s evidence, and 9-13 are Googles. This is shaping up to be pretty crazy, Oracle’s take on Java under the GNU has basically been exposed as flytrap had set at this point, as they try and claw back the open source status of one of the most popular languages in the world. Google largely appears to be trying to argue that the Dalvik VM bypasses Oracle’s patents somehow, though Larry Ellision stating  “I don’t know if Java is free” may have been the most braindead move in business history.

Meanwhile, Oracle is complaining about what appears to be a trivial amount of copied code. Just how many ways are there to say, write a FOR loop? Google appears to have wanted to use Java for the Android platform because of it’s longstanding existing popularity, and couldn’t be bothered to care about the Oracle VM itself. Just look at the Java ME documentation to find out why Oracle’s portable device implementation of Java was not considered an option for the Android platform. I expect Oracle may find many other begin to follow suit.

While there appears to be a lot of hubbub going on about whether you can copyright an API and other issues, it appears that Google and Oracle would have had this settled long ago if both sides hadn’t been so hungry over control over a programming language that has long been thought be free…