Wow there is a Visual Batari IDE

I‘ve been terrible with updating this, and have a ton I should be adding, particularly regarding some interesting javascript work I’ve done lately, but that is for another time. All I really wanted to say is check out this Visual Atari Basic IDE I am extremely impressed. Perhaps if I can really sell it I can get some folks to use this at the next Tojam instead of Flash or Gamemaker…

A brief intoduction

Well I suppose I should introduce myself. The name is Andrew have just recently finished the 5th semester of the Software Development program at Mohawk College. My interests tend to lean towards just anything involving code and I’ve decided to chronicle some of the tech news and projects that I find interesting as I go through my day.

I also wanted to keep records of a project I’m beginning next semester, where I create a game based on the Mohawk College Amaze-bot competition, which I have participated in the past three years (placing 2nd place in both 2011 and 2012). In the competition, you are to program a bot that will use a Java API to navigate a maze intelligently while keeping looking/moving to a minimum.

The game will involve creating a version of the game styled similarly to old dungeon crawler games in an effort to demonstrate to non-programmers just how the bot is controlled, as many people tend to have difficulty comprehending just what they are watching when they finally see the competition on the big screen. The game will be developed using LimeJS for the most part, likely using a rather minimal PHP backend. Anyways, that project doesn’t start until September, but I wanted to provide some context and make sure that I have a place to post about it when the time comes.